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About Us

Relco Abrasives was founded as an abrasives manufacturing company in Taunton, Massachusetts in 1968.  

We specialize
in the manufacture of thin high-speed 3” and 4” cut-off grinding wheels, which are used primarily in auto body repair shops throughout the United States.

In the Summer of 2013 we moved our production facility to Assonet, Mass. and are now in our 46th year of continuous operation.




In the information age, prices are easy to compare - but what about quality?


We love to send out sample cut-off wheels!


Call our toll-free number     1-800-433-7877    or
Email your shipping address to: 
and we will send you a FREE trial sample of one of our cut-off wheels.


Our Guarantee: We think you will love our product, but we will not bother you with repeated sales pitches if we do not hear back from you.